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hte drivng
когда же расстаит весь етот снег?.....нет, я люблю снег....ну блин терпеть не могу водить машину в таких услобиях :( вто уже второй день муж возит до работы и с работы, так как я chicken.....и седня, когда мы ехали на работу...впереди была машина с номером : "hte drivng"....вот и я тоже hate driving, хотя красиво, когда снег, сугробы и солнце! ах!

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а мужа каникулы.....везет! ну ниче мне толькое еще 3 денька осталось...а там уже christmas!!!!!! а значит много еды, выпивки...и значит, после етого на диету и надо уей блин собратся и снова начать ходить в gym, все такие плачу $20 a month! просто в последня время так лень, холодно и голодно, и туда не хочется! :( а надо, Федя, надо!!!! ну ниче вот праздники пройдут, вот даем весь привезенний мамой русский шоколад и тогда точно на диету и в спорт зал....

my christmas thoughts...
*Christmas in 3 days! Aww! I love this time of the year…..like in the song “it’s the most wonderful time of year”…..kids and their believe in Santa and in miracles make it even more and more wonderful… we adults sometimes forget that miracles do happen in life, and we forget about our inner child, who probably still believes in Santa…..I am not sure when I stopped believing in Santa...one of the saddest moments of my childhood was when my little sister found out that there was no Santa….some mean kid told her…and I couldn’t lie to her….but I remember that I was very upset….i always wanted her to believe, because our childhood ends when we stop believing in Santa, tooth fairy, miracles…..A girl at my work brought a letter her son wrote to Santa….so cute and so touching….. I wonder if my mom saved Santa-letters my sister and I wrote….Do you believe in Santa? Do you believe in miracles?

*love Elvis’s song “blue blue christmas”…..”I’ll have a blue Christmas without you”…the best thing about Christmas is that I can share it with my honey bunny…it’s our 4th Christmas…the 1st xmas we spend together was when we were not even dating….he invited me and my girlfriend to come with him for xmas celebration with his family….we drove about 8-9 hours, we were tired but very excited…it was my 1st very American Christmas…I met all his family, he told everybody that he was in love with me and I still didn’t give him answer if I would be his gf….… our 2nd Christmas we were already married and one of my gifts to him was a cute mug with our wedding picture and saying “our 1st Christmas together! Love, your wifey!”….this is our 4th Christmas, 3rd as a married couple…..and we are gonna drive 8-9 hours on Thursday, we are gonna be tired but excited to spend this holiday with our family.….and for sure  it ”won’t be the same, dear, if you’re not here with me..”I hope nobody is having blue Christmas this year, enjoy your holiday season with your loved ones!!

*A girl from work had an argument with her kids…trying to scare them that they won’t get any xmas presents this year she told her African American kids that “Santa brings presents only to white children”…….cruel!

*everybody is broke this year, no money for really good xmas presents and for good xmas cards….we got our 3 box of xmas cards in a dollar store….so the quality of the cards are really like cards from a dollar store (I must say I do love dollar stores, my fave is dollar tree….) cards are so so thin, and white envelopes are even thinner…oh well, the whole country is in recession….what are you expecting?Plus we had to chose very special and lucky people who will get these cards from us….freaking stamps are expensive too! It was 40 something at first….then the list got cut off by half….so lucky 20 are getting our super thin but from the bottom of our hearts xmas cards! ;)

*holiday season is the time to be with your family…I miss my family very much…2010 time to make new plans..time to meet all together again ..time to make it happen! ☺

*only 3 days till Santa! Happy holidays everyone!